Fusion 802 is a studio that fosters not only dancers and performers, but individuals. A strong support system of instructors and peers makes it a truly unique environment to explore movement and self expression. Though it started as a small, tightly knit school, Fusion has grown each year in its opportunities and class levels. Even with its progression into prestige, the school has remained as warm and welcoming as it once began. My time at Fusion 802 is one that I will always cherish in terms of my advancement as an artist, as well as the relationships formed. Not only has Fusion afforded me solid technique with which I can carry into furthered training, it has established a stronger sense of perseverance and belief in oneself.

Emma Preiss
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre

My experience at Fusion 802 was significantly life changing. From the first day everyone welcomed each other into the Fusion Family.  We grew together yet also separately on our many different paths. Fusion 802 is a nurturing environment where aspiring dancers can learn and be themselves in a safe place.  Students are molded into smart, kind, loving, professional young adults who can be put into the real world and thrive. The instructors and other students at Fusion 802 pushed me to be a better person and dancer. Everyday, from the people around me, I was inspired to choreograph outside projects to inspire others in my community. It’s bittersweet graduating from Fusion 802 because I will miss my teachers, and the life-long friends I made there. However, I strongly believe that being taught at Fusion 802 has readied me for the next chapter in my life and to pursue my dreams in the dance community.

Erin Johnson
Western Washington University



Fusion 802 is an excellent choice for the dancers in training for a career in the performing arts as well as dancers who want to try something new. The community at Fusion 802 is purely welcoming, engaging, and fun! Entire families seem to get swooped up in classes, making costumes, performances while gaining meaningful friendships. Under the warm and professional leadership of Nicola Boutin, students will be pushed to reach their potential in every class. Her training and dance career distinguishes her as a highly qualified teacher and gives her an exquisite eye for hiring other dance instructors. As a soon-to-be graduate of a competitive BFA Musical Theatre program, I cannot thank Nikki enough for preparing me as a dancer. Because of her training, I have grown into my body and matured as a dancer far beyond the level I thought I’d ever reach. I wholeheartedly trust Nikki and the instructors she has collected at Fusion 802 with my training--and ultimately my career.

Nikolas Kaim

Fusion 802 gave me so much during my 10 or more years studying dance there. Not only do I feel prepared to go on and dance at a higher level, but I also have a community to come back to in Vermont. The relationships I got to have with the Fusion 802 teachers allowed me to learn correct dance technique along with personal skills like being kind, caring, supportive and inspiring. Since I have been at Fusion I have also made lifelong friendships with kids that encourage each other in and outside of class. Everyone who goes to Fusion is immediately welcomed with open arms and a safe space to learn. The variety of classes and teachers prepare students for a future in dance. I have seen several of the Fusion 802 alumni become successful in dance and theater. The truly wonderful thing about Fusion 802 is that students get to see themselves improve in dance while also making fond memories and having fun. Fusion 802 is a second home to me that I will miss greatly while at college.

Kim Cribs
Hofstra University


Fusion 802 is the reason that I was able to move on to a professional career in dance. This school is built on finding the joy in dance while providing excellent training. As a young male trying to understand what it took to become a professional, the faculty of mentors pushed me to reach my potential. The teachers at Fusion 802 draw out technical and artistic ability, and foster growth in all students. The environment at Fusion 802 is true a family. I have built some of my closest friendships and mentorships in these studios. My mentors have supported me through grueling conservatory programs, and help guide me to my next steps as a professional. Students at Fusion 802 will find that being themselves is admired and encouraged. They will always feel like someone believes in them, even when they don’t believe in themselves. My peers at Fusion 802 have always found a way to lift the spirits of those around them. This studio is a safe haven for kids and adults with a passion for dance. Throughout my career I always find myself coming back to the teachings and relationships I experienced at Fusion 802.

Jackson Bisaccia